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Spring framework is an open-source java platform and most popular for building Java applications. The spring framework was designed by Rod Johnson in 2003. Spring framework is used for developing reliable, secure, and high-quality applications. It is a lightweight framework that provides well-defined infrastructure support and extensions for developing applications in Java. But why spring is so popular and used by industry professionals? Or what is this spring? To find out the answers to these questions, let’s go deeper in the spring.

To understand spring let’s first understand two important aspects of the spring framework.

  1. Inversion of control(IoC)
  2. Dependency Injection(DI)
Basic Architecture of IoC

Servlet and JSP are used for developing dynamic web applications. You can consider JSP as an alternative to servlet technology. But what is this servlet? Let’s first know about Servlet technology. Whenever a client or user request for accessing a website or a web application which is from the browser, this HTTP request is going to the server and the server responds to that request if this request is static which means the web page is already built and saved on the server. But what if the user requests a dynamic website. Now the server will search for that web…

Normalization is a database schema design technique to reduce redundancy means having copies of the same data in the database. This concept was introduced by IBM researcher E.F. Codd in the 1970s. Let’s take an example of a college’s database where the database contains table ‘A’, having the following attributes, studentId, studentName, courseId, courseName, facultyId, facultySalary. There can be a case that one student gets rusticated from the college. And after his leaving his data will be deleted from table ‘A’ but suppose he was the only student who was enrolled in the Computer Network course, if we will delete…

In order to solve any problem in computer science we write a program for that particular problem in any programming language, it is always recommended that we write some informal description of the solution which is called an Algorithm. By writing an algorithm that is in informal English like the language it becomes easier for us to understand how to communicate with the problem before implementation as it describes what we want to write.

But before implementing any algorithm as a program, we have to find out which algorithm is good and efficient enough for the problem because there can…

Object Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm that organizes a program around its data(that is objects).An object oriented programming uses objects and classes or organising the program around its data effectively.But the question is how it manages its data?What is the approach to manage the code and data?And why is this so popular? And the answer is an Object Oriented Programming paradigm implements these concepts Polymorphism,Inheritance,Abstraction and Encapsulation.But before going to OOPs concepts we need to know more about classes and objects.

Object Oriented Programming Model

Classes and Objects:

Class is a blueprint from which objects are created.Basically a class defines the structure and…

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Software Engineer

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